Skewers, only serving fresh meat and chicken shipped directly from the market every day! Simply and carefully grilled by using direct charcoal fire. The smell and smoke of grilled meat are appetizing! You can select as you like or ask for “Omakase” selection, chosen by the chef. Single item  ??yen, 5 skewers set 680 yen.

Newly opened on October 5, 2017! Welcome to Kishichiya, a cozy reasonably priced Japanese-style pub, conveniently located just 1 min walk from JR Kanda Station south exit. We will welcome you with fresh and high-quality food and drinks. Come as a group or come on your own. Also, perfect to pop in for another quick drink just before heading home. The smell of our skewers will guide your way to the sign, a red lantern in the front.

Motsuni ,Japanese Tripe Stew, Simmered and boiled in our own secret flavorful broth, is definitely an excellent pair with sake.  Recommended as a starter or a great dish to get before skewers or just after a toast! Be careful it’s addictive and you will want more! 450 yen

Macaroni Salad, Don’t underestimate this one. Very popular for ladies, a decisive factor for our macaroni salad is a plenty addition of smoked cheese. Bring you very flavorful, tasteful sensation in your mouth. Our side menu popularity No. 1! Ideal to pair with wine. 300yen

Could be Kanda/local specialty? A pancake served at the izakaya!? Cannot help capturing the moment when it’s done. Excellent harmony between honey and butter! Why not getting some instantaneous shot as trying out this unique dessert. 700yen

Beer Sake, Wine, Sour(shochu based cocktails)in plenty


beer 400yen

original ginger beer 480yen

bottle beer 550yen

non alcohol Beer 400yen



Sour(shochu based cocktails)in plenty

lemon 380yen

oolong tea 380yen

powdered tea 380yen

jasmine tea 380yen

ginger ale 380yen

Cola 400yen

shiso pulm flavor 420yen

berley sochu 400yen

potatos sochu 400yen

men's whisky soda 350yen

woman's whisky soda 380yen

plain 350yen

wheat soda sochu with black 450yen

SOTO(wheat soda) 280yen

NAKA(sochu) 200yen




rice wine 400yen

freezing SAKE 400yen




glass(red or white)400yen

bottle 2500yen-



Soft drink

Cola 300yen

ginger ale 280yen

lemon soda 280yen

oolong tea 280yen

powdered tea 280yen

jasmine tea 280yen


One lunch is to help you get through afternoon work.  We believe our lunch with good potion energizes you and give a source of vitality for everyone working around Kanda!  Lunch hours 11: 30-14: 00